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Deadbeat Parents Owe Taxpayers $53 Billion


Parents who skip out on child support payments are not only costing their families, but taxpayers, too. Of the estimated $108 billion in child support owed by parents in 2009, half of that is owed in back payments to the government for public assistance--or about $53 billion, CNN Money reports.

The loss of child support payments is a significant contributing factor to why so many single parent households are in poverty: 41% of households led by single mothers are poor, and 82% of parents with primary custody are women. Since child support payments account for 45% of an impoverished single mother's income, it's easy to see how the absence of payments can be financially crippling. 

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Although the government can get offenders to pay up by garnishing wages or tax refunds, some parents skip out on payments by getting work off the books, and claiming a low income in court. But child support payments, which take 17% of income per child, can be difficult for parents genuinely struggling with unemployment to make.

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