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Deaf Child Asked to Stop Signing His Name at School


A deaf child in Nebraska says he was told he cannot sign his name at school with a gesture he's used since he was six months old. The boy's name is Hunter Spanjer, and the hand motion he uses for his name looks like a gun (it is from the Signing Exact English, or SEE, method of sign language).

His parents say the school has asked Hunter to stop using the sign, but administration, which forbids students from possess or using anything that is or looks like a weapon, says they have not asked any students to change how they sign their name. However, teachers are signing his name by spelling it out, instead of using the name gesture.

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Brian Spanjer, Hunter's father, is reportedly keeping his son away from media attention, but he has created a Facebook group called "Let This Deaf Child Keep His Name Sign", with more than 7,800 likes, to tell his story.

Do you think this school is right to ask Hunter to alter his name symbol? Tell us what you think in the comments