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Did You Google Your Kids' Baby Names?

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Which factors did you consider when choosing a baby name? While many parents-to-be consider family names, it often comes down to what parents-to-be think sounds fitting. Nowadays, some parents are thinking more towards the future with their baby names, and are asking themselves: what results come up when I Google my baby's name?

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The New York Times recently featured a couple who changed the spelling of their daughter's intended name from Kalia to Kaleya, solely because searches for Kalia resulted in images of scantily-dressed women. Kaleya did not have such an online presence, so the parents went with the latter.

Parents aren't just Googling baby names to avoid embarrassment, though. They're also doing it to ensure a name they like isn't too popular, otherwise searches for the name later in life could get their child's online profile lost in the crowd.

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The idea of your child’s name being Googled may sound absurd now, but consider that a recent study found that 92 percent of children under the age of 2 have some searchable presence online—whether it be a photo tag or their own Facebook page. Another couple quoted in the New York Times article have already registered a domain name and created email and social media accounts for their daughter.

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Did you do any Google searches when you were thinking of baby names? Have you created email or social media accounts for your young children?