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E. coli Found on Shopping Cart Handles


Have you ever rolled your eyes at the mom wiping down her shopping cart and tying on a seat cover and thought, Germophobe! You may be joining her ranks after hearing this scary stat: A recent study found E. coli on 50 percent of shopping carts in four states. Yes, you read that right. Ew! Plus: How Gross Is It? Your Germy Situations Analyzed

The carts were studied by researchers from the University of Arizona, who tested handles from 85 carts. 72 percent were also found to have a marker for fecal bacteria. Plus: 16 Germ-Busting Products

While your kid probably won't get seriously ill from exposure to an unclean shopping cart handle, it may be worth wiping it down or making sure your child washes her hands when she gets home from the store to avoid catching a bacterial infection. Plus: Mom-Tested Handwashing Tricks

Do you freak about germs in public places -- or are a few germs good for kids?