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Education Nation Preview


Today and tomorrow will be attending NBC's Education Nation, which is a summit for leaders in education -- like Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee -- to come and speak about how to improve our schools. We'll be tweeting live from the event (follow us on Twitter) and will bring you full blog posts on the events we attend. Here's what we're planning to hit:

-Today Secretary Duncan will give an address at 2 pm. What questions would you have for him?

-At 3:15 there will be a talk on Education in the Digital Generation. Anyone catch last weekend's New York Times magazine? It was all about bringing the worlds of technology and education together -- think teaching using video games and a new take on an old school supply: a "smart pen" that records a lecture in time with a student's notes. Do you think technology has a place in the classroom? Teachers, how would you digitize your classroom?

-At 4:45 pm will be the talk I'm most looking forward to. It's all about how to keep good teachers and get rid of bad ones (I learned from the movie Waiting for “Superman” that they're nearly impossible to fire). Heavy-hitters like Chancellor Michelle Rhee and American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten will be there to spar -- er, talk -- about that issue. Do your kids have a really good (or really bad) teacher right now?

-Tomorrow's events kick off at 9 am with a discussion called The Parent and the Village (Caroline Kennedy and CEO of the National PTA Byron Garrett will be there). It's all about how parents contribute to the learning journey. We've got a good head start with our Mom Congress initiative, but I'm excited to see what ideas the speakers will have. What do you do to contribute to your child's education?

-At 10:15 I'll be attending a talk on studying abroad, and what we can learn from global educators. Like it or not, the U.S. is hardly number one in education in the world, so we could use some tips from other successful nations on how to improve our education system.

-Finally, at 11:30 there will be closing remarks, with NBC anchor Brian William moderating, on how to bring ideas for changing education to the policymakers. This is what Mom Congress and our Lesson Plan for Change are all about, so I'm eager to hear the panel's ideas. Two of our own Mom Congress delegates will be there, too!

Which event are you most interested in hearing about?

P.S.: Did you see Waiting for “Superman” yet? Check out the movie that aims to spark change in education, read our review, and tell us what you thought of it!