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Fat or Pregnant? How to Tell


Most people would agree that a pregnant woman's physical needs --especially when it comes to seating -- should be held in the highest regard, right along with that of little old ladies. But, as the BBC recently reported, pregnant women -- especially on public transportation -- are not quite getting the treatment they deserve: 84% of pregnant women from a survey said they regularly have to stand. Senior editor Sasha blogged about her experience from her last pregnancy, when she was "hugely, obviously preggers", and no one would give up their seat for her.

Why is this? Are people just less gallant, or more absorbed in their books and blackberrys? Partly, says the BBC, but some people are also afraid to kindly offer their seat to a pregnant woman -- only to find out she's actually, er, not pregnant.

True, that can be very embarrassing for both the asker and askee. But how to tell a truly prego woman from one who's just wearing an unflattering empire-waist top?

-Listen for labored breathing. Hey, a pg lady is carrying a whole little person in there -- she's bound to be a bit out of breath.

-Watch for belly or back-rubbing

-Check to see if her feet or ankles are swollen -- and if she's wearing strappy, sky-high heels, she's probably not prego.

-Look to see if she's reading Parenting magazine (or some kind of mommy mag or book). Dead giveaway!

Still can't tell? Just get up and leave your seat vacant -- an exhausted pregnant woman will likely make a beeline.

Pregnant ladies out there, do people give up their seats for you? Do you feel comfortable asking for a seat?