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FDA Says Enfamil is Not Contaminated After All

Mead Johnson Nutrition

This past December, Walmart, Walgreens and Kroger stores pulled Enfamil infant formula from its stores following the sad death of a Missouri infant who died from a bacterial infection believed to originate from contaminated formula.

According to Reuters, the FDA now says the recall was unnecessary, and that after testing no trace of the bacteria that killed the infant was found in cans of Enfamil's formula. The FDA and the CDC issued a joint statement saying, "Parents may continue to use powdered infant formula, following the manufacturer's directions on the printed label."

Tim Brown, a general manager of Mead Johnson, Enfamil's parent company, said that the company was pleased that FDA and CDC had tested the formula, and that this should "reassure consumers, healthcare professionals and retailers everywhere about the safety and quality of our product."