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Study: Flu Vaccine Safe for Pregnant Women


In what might be the largest study ever on the flu vaccine and pregnancy, researchers in Norway have affirmed that the flu shot is safe for pregnant women, reports TODAY news.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health tracked cases of the flu in pregnant women in 2009—when the flu shot was not yet routinely recommended for expectant women—and in 2010, which was the year of the swine flu outbreak, when pregnant women were first strongly urged to get the vaccine.

The study found that the flu shot did not increase the risk of miscarriage; rather, not getting the shot doubled the risk of miscarriage in pregnant women who got the flu. Additionally,some immunity is passed to the fetus if expectant mothers get the flu shot, helpful since infants can't be vaccinated until 6 months.

Pregnant readers, does this change your mind about getting the flu shot? Share in the comments.