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Getting Lost, Film and Other Things Today's Kids Will Never Experience


Some things about being a kid today are better than when you were growing up: now there's better and wider access to information and more useful technology that aims to help us think and learn more effectively. But there are some things that, sadly, kids today will never experience.

TIME compiled a list of the top 10 of those things, and it made even me, a young 'un on the team, sad for kids today. They'll never know, for instance, the sense of being lost and consulting a (paper) map to find their way. Reloading camera film is a foreign concept. Will they even read a real book? And they probably wouldn't recognize a landline phone -- hey, that's how I talked with friends before the days of Facebook.

One thing not on TIME's list that I really think kids will miss out on: handwritten letters and cards. What's something that you think kids will miss out on having these days?