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Glee's GQ Cover: Okay or Risque?

Terry Richardson for GQ

Any Glee watchers here? While the show could've handled serious issues like teen pregnancy and adoption a bit more seriously last season, it’s an entertaining hour of singing and dancing I enjoy watching. And I covet Emma's wardrobe!

I also appreciated that the Glee stars weren't the typical, too-much-too-soon Hollywood types -- seemed like they had fairly well-adjusted heads on their shoulders. Until this month's GQ cover was released, that is...

By now you've probably seen it: Cory Monteith (Glee's Finn), dressed in what looks like two shirts and jeans, and Dianna Argon (Quinn) and Lea Michele (Rachel) on either side, both of whose shirts barely add up to one, and Argon wearing a short skirt and Michele pants-less. The photo shoot was more of the same -- Monteith fully clothed in every shot, and Argon and Michele scantily clad and making sexy faces.

I'm no prude, and I get that this is for GQ, but I just don't see why these actors felt the need to do this for a shoot. I thought it looked awkward and in poor taste. Plus, they're so talented already -- why did Michele and Argon have to take off their clothes to prove it? It just felt like a scream for attention and publicity (which I guess I'm giving into by blogging about this!), but also like a cheap shot and so cliche: girls taking off their clothes with a hunky guy. Because no one's ever done that before!

Readers, do you think this photo shoot was okay or way too risque?