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Good News for Two Parents Diagnosed with Cancer

Remember the heartbreaking story of Elisa and Nathan Bond, the parents of Sadie, 2, both of who were diagnosed with advanced cancer within days of each other? The Bonds went on the TODAY Show this morning to give an update on their conditions—this time, with good news.

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Elisa, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer and was considered incurable, happily reported that after a grueling summer of chemotherapy and treatment she's now N.E.D.: no evidence of disease. "It's the best news I could get," said Elisa, who also posted the update on the family's blog Family "Bond"ing Time. Husband Nathan is scheduled for surgery for his Stage 3 colorectal cancer, but the couple said the outlook is much less bleak than it was this March. "It looks like a sandy beach now, as opposed to a rocky hill," said Elisa.

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Watch the couple on TODAY Show (and have the tissues handy!)

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