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Severe Morning Sickness Could Lead to Pre-Term Birth


Morning sickness usually can be brushed off as part and parcel of pregnancy (along the lines of pickle and ice cream cravings), but a new study found it can also be an indicator of serious birth complications, including pre-term labor and preeclampsia.

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The study looked at more than 80,000 women who were all enrolled in a maternity education program and who gave birth between 2004 and 2011. The women who reported debilitating morning sickness were 23 percent more likely to deliver their babies pre-term (before 34 weeks). They also had a 31 percent greater chance of developing high blood pressure or preeclampsia, and were twice as likely to have a low weight gain in their pregnancy.

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One of the study's researchers, Dr. Gary Stanziano of Alere Health, a company that makes health care products and has a morning sickness treatment program, said that this highlights the importance of recognizing and treating severe morning sickness. "This should not be a condition that’s taken lightly," he said.

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