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How Moving Affects Kids as Adults

Andrew McCaul

I was a little surprised to read this article in The New York Times about a study that examined the effects of moving on kids -- and basically concluded that they turn into pretty messed-up adults. Some of the specific findings:

"[S]erial movers tended to report fewer 'quality' social relationships. The more times people moved as children, the more likely they were to report lower 'well-being' and 'life satisfaction' as adults (two standard measures used to quantify that ineffable thing called 'happiness'). And adults who had moved a lot were more likely to have died when researchers did follow-ups 10 years later."

Yikes. I moved around a lot as a kid (nope, no parents in the military or divorced). I've lived in five states (from California to New Jersey) and went to three different high schools -- so I guess I would be a “serial mover.” I like to think it has benefitted me in the long run, rather than hindered -- I love seeing new places and experiencing new things, and I've always made friends easily and feel satisfied with my life now, as a young adult. (It just takes a little longer for me to answer when people ask where I grew up.)

Parents, did any of you move around a lot as a kid? Would you ever move your kids?