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Iowa Mom Births Huge Baby

Big news in a Des Moines, Iowa hospital: Mom Kendall Stewardson recently gave birth there to a 13 pound, 12 ounce baby boy. Vaginally. Without any pain medication. After pushing for six hours. (Ouch!)

Luckily Stewardson, 24, who was healthy throughout her pregnancy, has experience birthing big babies: her first son weighed 12 pounds, 1 ounce at his birth. But the second-time mom took the birth in stride: "Apparently my body was made for big babies. We're very blessed," she said in an interview with KCCI. Her husband sweetly said, "Yep, she's kind of a hero."

As for the details about the birth, Stewardson declined to talk about it, joking, "I don't know if that's TV appropriate!"

Kudos to Stewardson for getting through that birth and being able to laugh about it! Watch her interview with channel 11 here:

How much did your baby weigh at birth?