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Is it OK for Boys to Wear Toenail Polish? features top picks from its President and Creative Director Jenna Lyons—and her latest set featured a casual striped pullover, along with a pic of her and her son, Beckett, who's sporting hot pink-painted toenails.

The caption accompanying the photo says: "Lucky for me, I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink. Toenail painting is way more fun in neon."

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Fox News immediately jumped on the photo, quoting contributor Keith Ablow, M.D., as saying, "This is a dramatic example of the way that our culture is being encouraged to abandon all trappings of gender identity." In his own piece on Fox Health, Ablow had some cautionary words for Lyons: "It may be fun and games now, Jenna, but at least put some money aside for psychotherapy for the kid."

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I highly doubt Beckett is scarred for life as a result of this experience (seeing as toenail polish comes off). Plus, we don't know whose idea it was to have his toenails painted, so to hold Lyons responsible for “abandoning all trappings” of Beckett’s gender identity is extreme. And even if it was just for this photo shoot, he probably also had his hair and maybe even a little makeup done, too—so to him, the toenail polish could just have been a part of getting ready for picture time. In fact, the one person who’s probably not freaking out about this is Beckett himself.

What do you think—are you cool with the toenail polish, or is it too much of a gender bender?