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LOL Video: Parents (Jokingly) Give Kids Terrible Presents

Does your kid want a half-eaten peanut butter sandwich for Christmas? How about a battery? No?! A few (un)lucky kids received just those things—among other terrible gifts—as a joke suggested by Jimmy Kimmel.

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The TV host (who played a similar trick with asking parents to tell their kids they ate their Halloween candy) collected videos of parents letting their kids open an early Christmas present. What's inside wasn't exactly what these kids have on their wish lists. One kid gets preeeetty upset ("You stinkin' parents!").

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My favorite exchange is around the 4:15 mark, where a mom (jokingly) says: "I thought real hard about what to get you this year," and one of her sons deadpans: "Well, you didn't do a very good job."

What do you think: Is this trick naughty or nice?