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Man Points Gun at Smoking Pregnant Woman


What would you do if you saw a pregnant woman smoking? One Washington man had an unusually violent reaction to this when he pulled a gun on an eight-months-pregnant woman who lit up, reports CBS News.

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The man was driving when he spotted the woman walking and smoking. He allegedly shouted, "Who the heck smokes when they're pregnant?", and the woman replied, "I do." This led to a verbal confrontation, which escalated when the man pulled out a gun and pointed it at her. The woman called 911, and the police arrested the man and found two handguns in his car.

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Smoking while pregnant is a definite no-no, but pulling a gun on her (and her unborn child) kind of undercuts your position. Would you have said something to the pregnant woman? What do you think should happen to the man who pulled the gun? Tell us in the comments.