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Man Saves 6-Year-Old Girl From Being Kidnapped

In today's "mind your own business" day and age, here's one case where we're so glad someone didn't. Antonio Diaz Chacon, a 24-year-old mechanic and father of two girls, saw a man pull a 6-year-old girl into his van in his Albuquerque neighborhood—and he acted fast.
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Diaz Chacon yelled at the man to let the girl go and jumped in his truck to chase the van driven by the abductor. He followed the van until it crashed into a pole. The driver escaped and Diaz Chacon rescued the girl from the van; a stash of packing tape, gloves, tools and restraint straps was found near the crime scene. The driver, Phillip Garcia, was later found and charged with kidnapping and child abuse.
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"The way he grabbed her and threw her into the van, I knew it wasn't right," said Diaz Chacon to reporters. "I knew I had to catch him." He also said he thought of his own daughters, a 7-year-old and a 5-month-old, when he was on the chase, and that he would want someone to do the same for them.
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Fortunately for this little girl, Diaz Chacon had come home early from work that day in order to spend time with his family. And in what was ultimately another lucky coincidence, the family’s washing machine had gone on the fritz, forcing them to do laundry at his mother-in-law’s home a block away. Had their washing machine not broken, and had he not come home early that day, Diaz Chacon wouldn’t have been there to save the girl.

Watch the below clip to see this humble hero: