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Mother & Baby Magazine Editor: Breastfeeding is "Creepy"

Tara Sgroi

Last week Kim Kardashian tweeted her disgust at a mom breastfeeding her baby sans cover-up in a restaurant. Now, breastfeeding has come under fire again -- but this time, from someone you'd least expect.

Kathryn Blundell, deputy editor of the UK's Mother & Baby magazine, chose to bottle-feed her baby, saying that her breasts are part of her sexuality -- "not just breasts, but fun bags. [...] Seeing your baby latching on where only a lover has been before feels, well, a little creepy." Blundell also said she wanted to give her boobs "at least a chance to stay on my chest rather than dangling around my stomach."

And the quote that may be drawing the most outrage: "Even the convenience and supposed health benefits of breast milk couldn't induce me to stick my nipple into a bawling baby's mouth."

Miranda Levy, the editor of the magazine, stepped in to say that Mother & Baby fully supports breastfeeding, but also that "the way you feed your baby is not a moral issue,” and that Blundell was writing about her personal experience.

Moms, what do you make of Blundell's comments? Did breastfeeding creep you out?

Update: Kathryn Blundell has issued a response on the magazine's website about her piece "I Formula-Fed. So What?". From her response:

"My motivation behind writing this feature was to give a voice to those many women who simply do not want to breastfeed, and as a result of this choice have felt guilty, alienated and distressed.

"I also wrote with humour as I wanted to take a more relaxed approach to the topic, in a climate where unfortunately the type of milk a woman feeds her baby seems so open to serious judgement and criticism."