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Seeking: "Adventurous Woman" to Birth Neanderthal Baby


Harvard geneticist George Church, who worked on the Human Genome Project, is seeking to reintroduce Neanderthals to Earth - all he needs is a surrogate mother, reportsĀ Popular Science.

Church hopes to see a baby Neanderthal born in his lifetime by creating Neanderthal DNA from bone fragments and putting that DNA via stem cells into a human embryo - and finally, putting that embryo into a surrogate.

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Any takers?

In what is quite the understatement, Church wrote in his latest book that this experiment would require "and extremely adventurous female human." (Adventurous to us is mixing lights and darks in the laundry, so it won't be anyone here.)

Is this too wacky for words or do you think it could be an important scientific discovery? Tell us in the comments.