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No Screaming Children Allowed at NC Restaurant

Stephanie Rausser

In July I wrote about whether or not child-free spaces were okay with parents. There were great comments on both sides of the debate, but one Carolina Beach, NC, restaurant has firmly taken a side.

The Olde Salty's restaurant, along with lettering advertising "Steaks, Chops, Chicken & BBQ", has a glaring sign in the window: "Screaming Children Will NOT Be Tolerated!"

While WECT news reported that this has upset some local parents -- one mom interviewed for the story said she wouldn't even go in to a place with a sign like that -- the restaurant owner Brenda Armes said business overall has gotten better since she implemented the policy. "It has brought us in more customers than it has ever kept away," Armes said to WECT news. New customer Gary Gibson (a grandather), interviewed for the story, said it’s “nice to see a sign like that up.”

Armes was careful to note in her interview: "We're not saying your child can't be in here." But if a child starts crying, a restaurant employee will ask the parent to take the child outside to quiet down.

Readers, would you dine at a restaurant with that sign?