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Parenting According to Betty Draper

Photo by Carin Baer/AMC

Any Mad Men fans out there? I recently became a fan of the show and am quickly catching up (thanks, Netflix!) to be ready for this Sunday's season four premiere. I love the show because it depicts such an interesting time period, and I always marvel at how different things were (and the fantastic wardrobe!).

But I also marvel at the difference in parenting methods then and now. Of course the mindset was different back then -- smoking and drinking was a-okay for pregnant women, and around small children, in the workplace, while driving in cars...pretty much anywhere. Parents also seemed to cater to their kids less -- you won't see the perfectly coiffed Betty Draper shuttling her kids Sally and Bobby to soccer practice, art class or karate lessons. In fact, the only activities she seems to offer are "Go to bed", "Go upstairs" or "Go watch TV".

New York magazine compiled a video of Betty Draper's best parenting one-liners -- watch (and instantly feel better about your parenting skills):

The one scene NY mag left out: the one with Sally wearing a dry cleaning bag from season one. Watch Betty's reaction and tell me you aren't dying to reach in the screen and yank it off that girl's head!

Do you watch Mad Men? What’s your take on the parenting differences between then and now?