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Parents Ask Man to Beat Their 15-Year-Old Son


A Chino Hills, CA man has been arrested for beating a 15-year-old boy—because the boy's parents, who suspected the 15-year-old of smoking, asked the man to do so, reports the Los Angeles Times.

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The parents, who found a lighter in their son's possession, took him to the home of Paul Kim, 39, the suspect, who attended the same church as the family. The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department said that Kim struck the child with a metal rod about 1 inch in diameter 12 times on the back of his legs, with the child's father's permission. The police department was notified after the school reported suspected child abuse after seeing severe bruising on the back of the boy's legs.

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Authorities also reported that the 15-year-old boy wasn't the first to be punished by Kim; other families in the area have used Kim for that same purpose before.

While it's good that a man who essentially abused a child has been arrested, what do you think should happen to the parents who ordered the abuse?