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Parents Sue School Over Team's Haircut Policy


The parents of a 14-year-old boy are suing their Greensburg, IN school district for kicking their son off the basketball team for having too-long hair, according to The Indianapolis Star.

I was initially reminded of a similar incident last year, where a 4-year-old boy was suspended from his Dallas kindergarten class for the same offense. Ludicrous!

But after digging deeper, this case may fit better in the Sue-Happy Parents File.

The parents' argument is that the team's clean-cut-only hair policy is unconstitutional, and treats male and female players differently because there are separate guidelines for each team. The school district said no rights were violated, because participation in an extracurricular activity (like a sports team) is optional—not a right.

It's like going to private school: You have to wear a uniform and follow their dress code because you're opting to go there. I'm leaning towards chalking this one with the parents who sued over their kids not making a hockey team (again: it's not a right to make a team).

What do you think: do these parents have a point, or is this case closed?