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Police Taser 9-Year-Old Who Skipped School


Kids skipping school is a serious problem, but how serious should the punishment for it be? In Mount Sterling, Ohio, a 9-year-old boy was Tasered twice by a police officer, who came to the boy's home after he was reported to be truant from school.

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MSNBC reports that the boy's mother urged the boy to cooperate with the police officer, but the boy, who weighs between 200 and 250 pounds, lay on the floor on top of his hands to prevent being handcuffed. According to the Columbus Dispatch, the boy also pleaded with his mother to go to school instead of with the officer, but she told him it was too late. 

The officer wrote what happened next in the police report: "He refused any and all orders. I told him if he did not stop flailing and place his hands behind his back, I would deploy the Taser on him. He still did not comply to my orders to stop resisting." Because the boy continued to resist, the officer stunned him twice and charged him with delinquency and truancy. 

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What do you think about how the police officer—and the boy's mother—handled the situation? Is it ever OK to Taser a child (under 18 years old)?