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Pregnant Mom Kicked Off Seattle Bus


A Seattle mom was kicked off a public bus with her baby, because her baby did something all babies do: he pooped in his diaper.

According to ABC News, the driver told the mom, Nichole Hakimian, to disembark after catching a whiff of her son's stinky diaper. 

"The bus driver told me to get off the bus,” said Hakimian, who is four months pregnant. “I said, ‘why is that?’ She said, ‘your baby … smells really bad. And it’s not fair that we all have to smell that.’”

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Seattle Metro said the bus driver, who is a model employee, did nothing wrong:

“The driver didn’t violate Metro policy – she felt she had to advocate for her passengers by politely and apologetically asking the woman to exit the bus," a spokesperson told ABC.

No one likes the smell of a dirty diaper, but where babies are concerned, poop happens, right? Do you side with the driver or the mom? Tell us in the comments.