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Joel's Journey: Why Rear-Facing Car Seats Are Safer

If the new AAP guidelines about keeping children in rear-facing car seats until age 2 still have you skeptical - Will my child be comfortable? What do I do if I've already faced them forward? - the story of a little boy named Joel will change your mind. Spoiler alert: it has a happy ending, but a gruesome beginning.

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Joel's story, as told by his grandfather, started when Joel and his mother were in a car accident. Joel, then 18 months, was a "beefy" boy, and his mother was told by his pediatrician that it was okay to turn him forward-facing. The car hit a tree at about 35 mph, and Joel's head was flung forward with such force that his spine detached from his skull, resulting in internal decapitation.

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Luckily, an ambulance happened to drive by the scene so help was administered quickly. Joel underwent numerous surgeries and intense physical therapy (he wore a "halo" to heal his injury), but now, at 4 years old, he's pretty much a normal kid -- you can see a video of Joel in June 2010 splashing in his backyard pool. Joel’s family also received special permission from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to import a car seat from Sweden, the Britax Multi Tech, that allowed him to remain rear-facing throughout his recovery, thanks to its rear-facing limit of 55 pounds (the highest rear-facing limit currently approved in the U.S. Is 45 pounds).

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If this doesn't prove the case for keeping children in rear-facing seats, we're not sure what else will, but here are some numbers to support extended rear-facing: A study published in Injury Prevention found children under age two were 75% less likely to die or be injured in a car crash if they're rear-facing, and another found kids in rear-facing seats are five times safer than ones in forward-facing ones.

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