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Royal Baby's Due Date Announced


The Palace released a statement today that Prince William and Kate Middleton "are delighted to confirm they are expecting a baby in July." Note the emphasis on "a" as in one -- no twins this time (and the couple will reportedly keep the gender a secret).

So what do we know about the royal baby? Here's some just-for-fun trivia:

  • A July birth means the baby could have the same birthday as Princess Diana: July 1.
  • The baby will be a Cancer or Leo. Our mom-and-baby astrology tool says sporty mom (and Capricorn) Kate will get along swimmingly with an athletic Cancer babe, and a little Leo will be comfortable in the spotlight (perfect for a mini royal).
  • Boy or girl? The couple's keeping mum but we have some ideas based on our favorite old wives' tales. The Mayan even/odd trick says girl (both the year of mom's birth and baby's conception are even), and Kate's Hyperemesis Gravidarum points to a girl, too. Our Chinese Gender Predictor, however, tells us it's a boy, given that William and Kate likely did the deed in October or November.
  • Class of 2035: That's the expected year of Kate and William's child's college graduation. Our guess: the kid will go to Scotland's University of St. Andrews, where Wills and Kate met.
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