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Sex Week: Romance Tips for New Dads


Dads, this one's for you. Sex might be the last thing on your mind during those sleep-deprived newborn weeks, but after a while you're raring to go. But Mom? Not so fast.

It takes a while for a woman's body for recover from the physical and emotional trip that is pregnancy, so it'll take some time. But if you're in that waiting game now, here's how to gently help her get back in the mood:

Use Help as Foreplay: As counterintuitive as it might sound, sometimes the best ways to turn on a new mom aren’t outwardly sexual at all. Tell her she’s beautiful. Tackle the laundry. Shop for groceries. Offer to take the baby and shoo her out of the house for a few hours to do something for herself. Relationship expert Ian Kerner says: “Because so much of female sexual desire comes down to self-esteem, it’s important to help her restore a sense of sanity.” If she gets a break from being peed and pooped on, it might her get into the sexy-time mindset.

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Dads, how did you get your partners back in the mood for sex after having kids? Share in the comments!