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Sex Week: Five Commandments of the Bedroom

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How do you get your sex life back on track after having kids? While every couple has to find what works for them, we've collected five golden rules from sex therapists and relationship experts that will put the spice back into your relationship:

Just kiss: For your own sake as well as your husband's, find some time for just one simple romantic act: locking lips. There's actually a biological explanation for why it works, says Stella Resnick, Ph.D., author of The Pleasure Zone: Why We Resist Good Feelings. Since women tend to spend more time with kids than men do, and have less testosterone in the first place, their levels of this horny hormone tend to drop even more after children come along. Swapping saliva is a way to increase testosterone and bring your bodies into sync, says Resnick. It's something you can do every day, and not just when you're having sex—so pucker up.

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What are your surefire rules for keeping your marriage sexy? Tell us in the comments!