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Should Toy Guns Be Banned?


Between the horrifying story of a 5-year-old bringing a loaded gun to school and the tragic shooting in Tucson, AZ, gun safety is a hot topic these days. In the latest news, the state of Hawaii is working to ban the sale of toy guns to any child under 18.

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The bill is inspired by two (now suspended) eighth graders at Washington Middle School in Honolulu, HI. One boy brought a toy gun to school, and his friend pretended to point it at people. Journalists from Hawaii News Now went to a store to look at the gun that the boy brought to school, and found that it came with plastic bullets and a detachable magazine—all for $9.50. And while it says "best for 18 and up" on the box, the store can still sell it to an under-18 child. Some Hawaii legislators are aiming to limit the ban to toy guns in schools, rather than limiting the sales altogether.

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Even though a toy gun can't cause real physical harm, the act of a child pointing a fake gun—especially one with such realistic features—at other students is disturbing.

Do you agree with banning sales of toy guns to everyone under 18? If you own a gun, how do you keep it safely away from your kids?