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Singer Lily Allen Loses Her Baby

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons user
The Style Scout, CC Licensed

This morning reported that British singer Lily Allen lost her baby six months into pregnancy. The baby, a boy, was due in January. Allen, 25, announced her pregnancy in August, which was her second after a previous miscarriage.

We at express our sincerest sympathies to Allen, and hope she can heal peacefully after this terrible loss.

Miscarriages and stillbirths cause deep physical and emotional pain to expectant families, but they're not at all uncommon: 20 percent of pregnancies, or one out of five, fail, and of those, more than 80 percent occur in the first trimester. Two miscarriages in a row also happens to one in 25 women. You can read more about miscarriages, including how to cope with the many emotions that follow, in Parenting's recent article, "Healing After Miscarriage". We hope it helps to know that you're not alone.