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Study: Two-Daughter Families Are Happiest


It's natural to wonder what's on the other side of family sizes and genders - are boys easier than girls? Are three kids really way more work than two? Bounty, a UK parenting website, purports to have the answer: In a study they conducted of 2,116 families, two daughters is the ideal combination for family harmony.

Plus: Boys vs. Girls: Who's Easier to Raise?

Two daughters, the study found, are less likely to fight, and they play well together. A family of four daughters, on the other hand, is the least harmonious; in the study, one in three four-daughter families found daily life difficult to handle.

Plus: The Real Difference Between Boys and Girls

I can understand how four daughters might not get along well every single day (especially during the teen years when there would likely be competition for just about everything—clothes, make-up, prep time in the bathroom, and boys), but what about families with sons? A boy-girl combination is the second most harmonious family unit, followed by two boys in third place. And four boys ranks as the sixth-most harmonious combination, well above four girls.

Oddly, one-child families aren't ranked. Perhaps Time's "Only Child Myth" article has people convinced that onlies will turn out okay.

Here's the full list ranking combinations:

1. Two girls
2. One boy and one girl
3. Two boys
4. Three girls
5. Three boys
6. Four boys
7. Two girls and one boy
8. Two boys and one girl
9. Three boys and one girl
10. Three girls and one boy
11. Two boys and two girls
12. Four girls

So, let's hear it: Who's harder to raise, boys or girls? And what's the ideal number of children for happiness in your life?