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Teacher Told Students to Draw on Faces of Slow Readers


Forget detention; an Idaho elementary school teacher outraged parents after she allowed students to draw on the faces of those who didn't achieve their reading goals, reportsĀ KBOI news.

The teacher at Delco Elementary in the Cassia School District is reported to have allowed the slow readers in the class to either skip recess or have moustaches, goatees or words drawn on their face by other students as punishment. Reportedly, the principal and superintendent knew about and approved of this, and the class actually came up with the incentive program together. Gaylen Smyer, the superintendent, said: "One of the incentives [in the reading class] is that those who met their goal would be able to paint the face of those who didn't meet their goal."

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The incident has drawn mixed reactions from parents; a mom of a child whose face was drawn on said that the students "are being taught that bullying is OK and that there's nothing wrong with this." Another local mom, however, said she stands by the teacher's methods: "We think she's a wonderful teacher and we want to see her stay at Declo for many years to come."

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