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Too Many Winners?


Whether your kid is into sports, music or drama, as the parent you're naturally their number one cheerleader (How many times have you told your kid, "You can do anything you put your mind to"?). And even though you don't care if they win or lose at a competition, of course you're bursting with pride when they bring home a trophy or ribbon award.

But Jennifer Greenstein at The New York TimesCity Room blog wonders if there's such a thing as too much winning -- and not enough losing. Her "skinny but baseball-addicted son" brought home the MVP award for his league...but so did every other one of his teammates, too. Greenstein elaborates:

"Instead of coddling our children with fake praise and training them to expect constant applause, I think we should let someone lose — and let someone else win. Our children will learn resilience, and they will understand how the world really works."

Of course parents want to shield their kid from losing, but, well, that's life sometimes, right? Not everyone can always be number one at everything.

Do you think there's too much "fake praise" and "coddling"? Or does having everyone be a winner make things more fair?