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Video: Dad Gives 5-Year-Old Son Medicinal Marijuana to Treat Epilepsy


On the next episode of the Discovery Channel's Weed Wars, a California dad seeks a controversial treatment for his five-year-old son Jaden's epilepsy: medicinal marijuana. Jaden has Dravet's Syndrome, an extreme form of epilepsy. His dad described Jaden's first grand mal seizure on camera, which happened on Christmas morning when Jaden when four months old, and which lasted for an hour.

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Medications have provided little relief for little Jaden. After doing some research, his dad found that medicinal cannabis, which is legal in California but still a federal crime, can be used to treat epilepsy. He purchased a non-psychoactive tincture and gave Jaden his first dose on camera. "I'm not trying to get my son high; I'm trying to cure my son's seizures," said the father.

Watch the preview of the episode (warning—it might break your heart):

Do you think Jaden's father did the right thing? Would you break the law in order to help your child?