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Video: Infertile Rape Survivor To Give Birth Soon

The Today Show

Get your tissues ready for this inspiring story of a mom-to-be who didn't think she could ever have children.

Jennifer Schuett of Texas was eight years old when she was abducted from her home and taken to a field where she was raped and had her throat slit. Her attacker, who was caught and convicted more than 20 years after the crime, left her to die in that field. She was discovered the next morning, barely alive, by kids playing hide-and-seek, and was rushed to the hospital where doctors saved her life.

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Schuett's fallopian tubes became blocked from an infection resulting from the rape, and it was believed she could not have children. "As a result of him raping me as an 8-year-old child, I cannot have children normally," Schuett told TODAY. "I'm an only child. I've always wanted a big family."

But a fertility doctor in Houston heard about Schuett and wanted to help her. He offered her and her fiance in-vitro fertilization treatments for free—and now, Schuett is pregnant with a baby girl, due in November.

Watch Schuett's touching interview with the TODAY Show:

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We wish Schuett and her fiance a safe delivery of their baby girl!