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Woman Becomes Surrogate For Her Sister


Last year, a woman named Melissa Mohler celebrated her first Mother's Day—and it was all thanks to her sister. 

Mohler, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at 26, went through chemotherapy treatments and was ultimately advised not to get pregnant. Rather, she had frozen some of her eggs before chemo began in the hopes of using them for IVF. But her doctors were only able to fertilize and freeze four embryos, which didn't offer good chances for IVF. 

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That's when her sister Jessica offered to carry for Melissa. "What is nine months of my life when I could give you a lifetime of happiness?" said Jessica in an interview with

Melissa was reluctant at first to accept Jessica's sacrifice, but she ultimately felt it was the best solution: "If I cannot carry our children, there is no one else that I would rather nurture our children through birth," Melissa wrote in her journal. Jessica carried Melissa's twins, and they were born three weeks before Mother's Day in 2011. (We love happy stories like this!)

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Would you ever be a surrogate for your sister, or a close friend?