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Woman Endures 75 Days of Labor To Protect Her Babies


There are plenty of extreme birth stories out there: in labor for days, delivering babies in cabs, bed rest for weeks--but this one takes the cake. Joanna Krzysztonek, a mom in Poland, was in labor for 75 days, during which she had to lay almost completely upside down.

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Krzysztonek, who was pregnant with triplets, went into preterm labor; one of the babies was born too early and died shortly thereafter. In order to keep the other two babies in utero for as long as possible, her doctor had the woman put her feet up--literally--for two and half months. At 32 weeks, her two babies, a boy, Ignacy, and a girl, Iga, were born. The babies are in incubators now but are expected to go home soon.

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Despite having to endure such a difficult labor, Krzysztonek was ultimately grateful her two babies could be saved. "I sighed with relief that there was a chance to keep the pregnancy and to give the babies a chance to be born successfully," she said to Reuters. What a trooper!

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What were your children's birth stories? What's the most extreme birth story you've heard?