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Woman Gives Birth After Being Shot and Set on Fire


Add this to the extreme birth story files: a 22 year old Warren, Michigan woman gave birth after she was abducted from her home, shot and set on fire (!), reports the Detroit Free Press.

The woman, who was nine months pregnant, went out with her baby's father on Friday night. When they went back to their house, a man in the garage bound and gagged her and drove around on Detroit highways. He eventually stopped and shot the woman and set her on fire with lighter fluid.

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How did she survive this? The woman played dead and her attackers left the scene. After rolling out the flames and breaking out of her duct tape bonds, she drove the car to a nearby gas station and got help. Two men—including the father of her baby—are currently in police custody over the crime.  

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At about 4:30 am this morning, she gave birth to a boy after 12 hours in labor. Let's hope mom and baby come out of this healthy and safe!