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Would You Have an Ultrasound Party?

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There are lots of creative ways to announce the sex of your baby to friends and family, from a simple Facebook post to a gender cake party. For parents-to-be who are (very) open to sharing pregnancy news, the latest trend: throwing an ultrasound party.

Licensed ultrasound techs across the country have formed side businesses in parties where they bring a mobile ultrasound machine and perform a sonogram for the mom-to-be and guests (often with drinks and snacks in hand). At $100-$350 a pop, they're not exactly cheap. Most of the parties are given for the gender reveal, but some are just an occasion for people to see the baby up close. “It’s more of an experience and less of an in-and-out procedure,” said Teena Gold to TODAY Moms, who is one half of a partnership that runs Babyface & More, which provides ultrasounds at parties. 

Some doctors question the idea of ultrasound parties: "What if the ultrasonographer started the ultrasound and there was no heartbeat?" said Arkansas OB-GYN Dr. Amber Sills. But Christy Foster of Babyface & More said that if they see anything that warrants a follow-up, they tell the mother-to-be in private. More likely it's pleasant surprises that they share with their patients: one of their clients discovered she was having twins at an ultrasound party.

Would you have an ultrasound party? Have you ever been to one? Share in the comments!


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