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Would You Let Your Baby Wear a Bikini?


Girls are growing up fast these days, between Botox, pole dancing, and skinny jeans all happening at young ages. But this is a new one, bringing it all down to a new low: string bikinis on infants!

Yep, string bikinis. Not two-piece suits. Made by Babi-kini, these are most definitely the kind of bikinis that you tie with strings, and come in various patterns including zebra and leopard prints (!!). This seems more than a little inappropriate for anyone whose age doesn't end in -teen or up.

I do see the appeal of the two-piece style -- what mom would want to peel a gotta-go-now kid or change a fussy baby with a one-piece? But it turns out these string bikinis aren't even practical -- the website says they're not meant to be worn with diapers! (Yet they sell a size to fit birth - one we sense another ridiculous parenting product?).

CafeMom's Sasha Brown-Worsham stated her case against letting her daughter ever wear an itty-bitty bikini:

"It's not that I'm against bikinis. I just think they're sexy. And sexy? Has no place on a preschooler."

Moms, would you let your daughter wear one of these?