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WTFriday: Birthing Dolls


Preparing your first child to be a brother or sister can be a big hurdle in second pregnancies. Two of our Project Pregnancy bloggers, Sally Wilson and Jenny Feldon, have asked for readers' advice, and we recently compiled a list of tips on how to tell your child about a new baby.

One common tip is giving your child a baby doll to play with, so you can show her how you're supposed to hold and feed a real baby. MamAmor has taken this approach one step further, creating handmade pregnant, birthing and breastfeeding dolls which leave little to the imagination.

Photo credit: MamAmor

Photo credit: MamAmor

Photo credit: MamAmor

It's the red detachable placenta that put these over the TMI edge for me.

I think it's wise to keep siblings-to-be in the loop, but these dolls might bring up more questions than you're prepared to answer (the website recommends dolls for kids ages three and up). Birth is mind-bending enough for most grown women; remember how freaked you were watching the gory videos in your childbirth class? We’re not sure 3-year-olds need a visual here, even if it is in the form of a toy.

Do you think these dolls are a good idea for sibs-to-be, or are they over-the-top?