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WTFriday: Daycare Worker Tapes Child to the Floor


At some point every parent feels like they'd do almost anything to get their child down for a nap, but a daycare worker in Kentucky took things too far when she taped a child to the floor at nap time. Alicia Lyons, 20, was arrested and has been accused of duct taping a child to a mat when he wouldn't calm down for his nap.

The police report states that Lyons has admitted to this, and the daycare center, called Mustard Seeds, released a statement saying that Lyons had been terminated, and that the daycare center will now be installing video cameras in all three of its locations to prevent further incidents. Laura Heuser, a child care expert interviewed in the Fox 19 news report, says this raises questions about background checks for daycare workers: "There are no requirements to submit anything from a physician that you're in good mental capacity to care for children." Mustard Seeds says Lyons had passed her background check when she was hired last August.

Do you think more extensive background checks would help prevent these incidents?