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Mom Charged With Vandalism for Daughter’s Chalk Drawing

Parents and children across America spend the summer outside, going to parks, and playing with sidewalk chalk. However, for Susan Mortensen of Virginia, this combination put her in court facing vandalism charges, and a ban from all city parks, reports New York Daily News. 
Susan Mortensen of Richmond, Virginia was reprimanded by a James River Park officer when she allowed her four-year-old daughter to color rocks with sidewalk chalk. Ralph White, park manager, told news reporters that chalk is no different than spray paint, and is akin to any other type of vandalism, saying, “It doesn’t matter what the medium is. It’s offensive”. 
On Tuesday, a judge ruled to dismiss charges, after sentencing Mortensen to 50 hours community service. Additionally, Mortensen is expected to pay a fine of $325, and faces a ban from all city parks. In response, angry protesters drew on the courthouse sidewalk with chalk. Many feel comparing chalk, which washes away with water, to graffiti is going too far.
Is drawing on rocks or the sidewalk with chalk vandalism? Do you let your kids use sidewalk chalk? Leave a comment.