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Parents Plant Drugs in PTA President’s Car


Last February, Irvine police received an anonymous phone call from a concerned parent. The parent, who they later identified as Kent Easter, claimed to have seen PTA President Kelli Peters stuffing a bag of drugs into her car. When police arrived at the scene, and asked Peters if they could search her car, she was shocked when they discovered a marijuana pipe and bag of miscellaneous narcotics.

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Mr. and Mrs. Easter have had a long-standing feud with Peters, who they believe mistreated their child at daycare, reports CBS News. The Easters claim that when their son took too long to line up with the other children, Peters locked him outside for twenty minutes. Their son was discovered crying and alone by a tennis instructor. Peters denies these claims. In an effort to have her arrested, Irvine police believe the Easters planned a drug-planting scheme.

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After careful consideration, investigators were able to prove that Peters was not near her car when the “anonymous caller” claimed to have seen her with the drugs. As a result, the Easters were arrested and are currently facing up to three years in prison for several conspiracy charges.

Watch the CBS news report on the crime:



We’ve heard of parents doing crazy things for their children, but this definitely takes the cake. Do you think this is too extreme?