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The Return of Honey Boo Boo

Image courtesy of TLC

You’d better red-kneckanize! Look out, because pint-size honky-tonk Honey Boo Boo is returning to TLC for a miniseries called ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ on beauty pageants and living with her family in rural Georgia.

Pagent Mom Defends Giving Her Daughter “Go-Go Juice”

You might remember Alana Thompson from her debut on the hit TLC show “Toddlers and Tiaras,” where she stunned viewers with her outrageous one-liners and hyper personality. In the episode, that eventually went viral, Alana is seen chugging “go-go juice” (a blend of Mountain Dew and Red Bull) and flashing her stomach to the judges. Check out the video below, which you’ve got to see to believe.  

Six-Year-Old Beauty Queen Retires

While critics were outraged by Alana and her mother’s behavior, the episode won Honey Boo Boo millions of fans, and now her own reality show. It seems viewers can’t stop gawking at this toddler’s suggestive dance moves and her controversial parents.  

The show is set to premiere August 8th on TLC. Cameras will follow Alana’s daily life, which includes everything from mud pits to four-wheelers to beauty pageants.

Will you tune in to watch Honey Boo Boo? Or does it totally turn you off? Leave a comment.