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The Kids Are Alright

I have a confession to make. Well several, actually. First, I did not make my two tweenagers "friend" me when they started their Facebook pages. I know, I know, it's supposed to be the requirement for letting them have one, so I can keep tabs on what they're up to online. But I know they know all the Internet safety rules, I trust them, I like their friends and, well, I'm a sucker. I started to get a little nervous though as I heard more and more bad news about things happening (Kick a Ginger Day, for instance) that originated on Facebook.

So imagine my delight one night recently when my son went to bed and forgot to log out of his Facebook page on the family computer! I not only had direct access to his world, but also his sister's and her peeps and pretty much the entire middle school (since kids this age think it's cool to friend everybody they've ever met). And guess what? I didn't find much beyond a lot of inane humor: picking random kids to be your "siblings," becoming a fan of pages like, "only true friends go straight to your fridge when they come over" and generally dissing anything that has to do with school and homework. Nothing especially nasty, criminal, or suspicious, and not even as much profanity as I expected. Whew! Have you ever spied on your kids' online world? Did you feel guilty about it?