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Kids' Clothing Swaps Made Easy


As adorable as kids' clothes are, there's no escaping the fact that they're like a gorgeous sunset -- nice while they lasted, but fleeting. But your weed of a kid will keep sprouting, and now you're stuck with a box of barely-worn, too-small clothes. Organizing a clothing swap, consignment shopping and good ol' fashioned donating are options, but a new website called thredUP has come up with a way to make the kid clothing revolving door seem pretty darn easy.

How does thredUP work? Think Netflix: browse thredUP for boxes of 10 to 18 tops, bottoms or a mix of both-- search by gender, size, season and box type. Pick your box and pay $13 for shipping. Now your part of the swap comes in: post a description of that bag of gently used kiddie threads you've got lying around. (The first time you use thredUP, you’ll be sent your box on the good faith that you’ll post and send one yourself.) When someone chooses your box, thredUP will send you a link to the USPS site to get a free box and a printable mailing label and schedule a pick up -- all you have to do is hand it to your mail carrier. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us.