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Killer Foods: Why Isn't the Government Protecting Our Kids?

Last Friday, the Chicago Tribune published a disturbing report that found that many kids in the U.S. are suffering dangerous — often life-threatening — allergic reactions to packaged foods simply because many manufacturers mislabel the goods and the government isn’t following up. In fact, their investigation revealed that even some products labeled safe for food-allergic kids, such as a bag of Wellshire chicken bites that claimed to be gluten-free, actually contained the allergen. It's bad enough not to disclose that your product may have nuts, eggs, soy, or wheat. It's completely unconscionable to claim that your product is allergen-free when you have not made 100% sure that it's true.

A few of the other upsetting findings from the paper’s report:

• 47% of products recalled for hidden allergens since 1998 were not announced to public. That's right, nearly HALF!
• An average for 5 products are recalled each week for hidden allergens. Almost one EVERY DAY. Come on!
• 30% of recalled foods are cookies, candy, ice cream or snacks. Yep, a kid's idea of heaven.

If you’re as mind-blown as we are, share your rage! And if you happen to be one of the millions of moms who has a child with food allergies, you can find extra support through

And thanks to the Tribune for bringing such a crucial issue to light.